We operate in the Laboratory sector of the in vitro diagnostics industry

This sector is dominated by several large multinational organisations who provide automated immunoassay and chemistry analysers with high sample throughputs and comprehensive analyte menus to service the busy hospital laboratory or clinic.

We partner with many of these companies to provide assays for these platforms. We have extensive experience with the wide range of different technologies employed by these automated systems and have undertaken contract development and manufacturing for non-proprietary, esoteric and other menu-filling assays as well as tests for our own proprietary markers such as Active-B12, Homocysteine and Anti-CCP.

We develop and manufacture kits for these automated platforms in a timely and efficient manner, operating to the highest standards and latest, fully audited quality systems. In undertaking such projects, either as a full development and manufacture of our own proprietary assays or as contract manufacturing for commodity or esoteric markers, we have worked with the majority of multinational diagnostic organisations.

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