Enzymatic Homocysteine

As a general marker of overall health status, few tests carry greater predictive weight then Homocysteine. The amount of Homocysteine in your blood is one of the best independent indicators of how healthy you are.

Axis-Shield launched the first immunoassay for Homocysteine and we are still at the forefront of promoting this vital marker with our Enzymatic assay for use on laboratory clinical chemistry platforms.

Simple and easy to use yet highly accurate and precise, our reagents come in multiple pack sizes to suit any laboratory from occasional use to high-throughput.




Part Number: FHRWR100

Method: Enzymatic

Description: 2 liquid-stable reagents, 2 calibrators



  • Multiple instrument applications available (Roche, Beckman Coulter, Siemens and others)
  • Compatible with serum, serum separator and EDTA or heparinized plasma
  • Sample volume from 15µL
  • Limit of detection from 0.8 µmol/L
  • Assay Range up to 46 µmol/L or 460µmol/L with dilution
  • Only 2 calibrators required with calibration stability up to 4 weeks
  • Time to first result from 12 minutes
  • Ready to use, liquid stable reagents and calibrators supplied. Control pack is also available.


Intended Use

The Liquid Stable (LS) 2-Part Enzymatic Homocysteine assay is intended for in vitro quantitative determination of total homocysteine in human serum and plasma.


Assay Principle

In the Axis-Shield Enzymatic Homocysteine assay, bound or dimerised homocysteine (oxidised form) is reduced to free homocysteine, which then reacts with serine catalysed by cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS) to form L-cystathionine. Cystathionine in turn is broken down by cystathionine beta-lyase (CBL) to form homocysteine, pyruvate and ammonia. Pyruvate is then converted by lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) to lactate with NADH as coenzyme. The rate of NADH conversion to NAD is directly proportional to the concentration of homocysteine.


More information on Homocysteine can be found at www.homocysteine.co.uk


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