Diabetes constitutes a heavy burden for the patient and society. It is associated with many complications and increased mortality. Axis-Shield has an increasing franchise for the measurement of HbA1c blood levels, an important parameter in glucose control.


The diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes long relied on determination of blood glucose levels. However, glucose levels fluctuate considerably depending on food intake and other factors and to diagnose earlier stages of diabetes, at least two blood glucose tests on different days are required. Although these methods are useful, alternatives reflecting the mean glucose levels during a longer period have been sought to simplify diagnosis and monitoring.

As various sugars bind to some degree to proteins in different tissues, methods to measure these protein/sugar adducts have been developed. These reflect the glucose levels over a longer period of time. One of the proteins to which glucose binds is haemoglobin.

The fraction of hemoglobin that is bound to glucose – HbA1c – now serves as a powerful tool for assessing long-term glycaemic control. HbA1c also correlates well with the risk of development of complications related to diabetes, which is a very important aspect. In the future HbA1c is likely to become a useful tool also for the diagnosis and evaluation of all forms of diabetes mellitus and patients at risk of developing diabetes, making it possible to detect diabetes earlier.

Our proprietary immunoassay technology for measurement of HbA1c is utilised in laboratories worldwide on the analysers of our licensed partners. Our own clinical chemistry assay also provides a flexible, accurate and precise method for measurement of this vital marker.