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Thrombotest (PT-INR)

Thrombotest is the best documented and most reliable PT-INR reagent for control of oral anticoagulant therapy on the market. Thrombotest was developed in the late 50's and has maintained its primary position in the marketplace. It is an established WHO thromboplastin reference.

Test specific information

  • Combined prothrombin time (PT) reagent
  • Lyophilized reagent. Contains bovine brain thromboplastin and adsorbed bovine plasma
  • Sensitive to the depression of factors II, VII and X as well as to the presence of PIVKA factors
  • Can be used for capillary blood, citrated venous blood and citrated plasma
  • Kit size: 96 tests and 240 tests
  • Adaptability to automated coagulation instruments
  • The ISI-value is 1.0

Clinical use of Thrombotest

  • Especially suited for control of oral anticoagulant therapy
  • Unique both in specificity and sensitivity to the anti-clotting effect produced by oral anticoagulants
  • Particularly sensitive in the therapeutic range of anticoagulants
  • Very high and reproducible sensitivity to low levels of clotting factors

Standardization of Thrombotest and ISI-value
Every batch of Thrombotest is standardized according to WHO guidelines.
The secondary WHO-thromboplastin reference: OBT-79, is a specific batch of Thrombotest.


Thrombotest used in combination with Control Plasma and the Thrombotrack instruments from Axis-Shield are a guarantee of high quality.

*Products may not be approved for sale in all countries. Please contact your local distributor for further details.

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