Technical Library

Technical Library

Technical documents for our products are provided below. If you cannot find the document you need or if you have other language requirements please contact us.

All documents are PDFs. If you require Adobe Reader please click here.

Instructions for Use are provided for information only. Always use the insert provided with your kit.


Axis-Shield Quality Management System Approval


Clinical Chemistry Anti-CCP (FHCCP100)

Active-B12 (FMABT100)

Homocysteine EIA (FHCY100)

Enzymatic Homocysteine (FHRWR100/200/1000)

Homocysteine Controls (FHCY200)

SyphScreen RPR (FRPR500)


Clinical Chemistry HbA1c (FHHBA100/200/300)

Anti-CCP EIA (FCCP600)

Heparin Binding Protein EIA (FMHBP100)

Clinical Chemistry Heparin Binding Protein (HBP) (FHHBP101)

Please note that our DETECT IF (FIPC200) product has been discontinued, please contact us for more information.