• Our Vision is to improve healthcare as a global provider of innovative and reliable diagnostic tests.
  • Our Mission is to identify and develop novel patentable diagnostic markers and technologies which can be commercialised to meet clinical needs, both in the laboratory and at the point of care.
  • We will collaborate with partners, create branded products and identify complementary businesses which support our objective of continuing to grow as a respected and profitable healthcare company.
  • Our Values include meeting all current and future regulatory, quality and environmental standards appropriate for our industry and the countries in which we operate.

Controls / Calibrators

Control plasma and calibrators from Axis-Shield Point of Care are produced for your convenience to ensure satisfactory control of the test performance as well as for calibration of prothrombin time (PT) tests.

Control Plasma Normal
Control Plasma Normal is prepared from human, non-activated plasma and is especially suited for quality control within the normal range of coagulation activity.

Control Plasma Abnormal
Control Plasma Abnormal is prepared from human, non-activated plasma and is made for the quality control of coagulation analysis within the abnormal range of coagulation activity.

Control Plasma AK
Control Plasma AK is prepared from non-activated plasma from donors on stabilized oral anticoagulant therapy. Control Plasma AK is therefore especially suited for the quality control of PT tests used for control of oral anticoagulant treatment.

PT Calibration Set
PT Calibration Set comprises one normal and two abnormal human plasma samples used for ISI-calibration of instruments for Thrombotest, Nycoplastin and Nycotest PT.

*Products may not be approved for sale in all countries. Please contact your local distributor for further details.

Axis-Shield at a Glance

A pioneering organisation focused on the development and manufacturing of important and innovative in vitro diagnostic tests for use in clinical laboratories and at the point of care.

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Focus on Homocysteine

As a general marker of overall health status, few tests carry greater predictive weight than Homocysteine. The amount of Homocysteine in your blood is one of the best independent indicators of how healthy you are.


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