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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality in the western world, accounting for over 40% of total deaths each year.

Up to 70% of individuals who develop heart attacks have normal levels of cholesterol, a test widely recognised as an indicator of coronary artery disease, so it is clear other factors besides plasma lipids are involved in many forms of this disease.

The medical community recognises that there is a need for better indicators of CVD risk. The cost to monitor and treat patients suffering from CVD, including heart attacks and other cardiac events such as strokes is enormous. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the total financial cost of CVD and strokes in the US alone during 2001 was estimated at over $298 billion.

The causes of CVD are multifactorial and we are therefore working on the development of a number of different products to assess CVD risk. We believe that these new markers will ultimately provide medical practitioners with the information they need to prescribe the most efficacious and cost effective therapies, the result being a healthier patient leading a more comfortable lifestyle and more efficient management of a chronic and potentially fatal disease. In the future we believe that early diagnosis and remedial action may be able to reduce the overall burden of cardiovascular disease.



Most of our business in this product area is derived from our assays for the measurement of Homocysteine. Elevated blood levels of this amino acid are believed to be a causal influence on the development of CVD and the subsequent likelihood of MI.

We have partnered with companies such as Abbott Laboratories, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and IL to produce assays for this important marker under OEM arrangements. Our clinical chemistry detection technology is also available for a number of proprietary analysers.

General news on Homocysteine can be found at www.homocysteine.org.uk.

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Focus on Homocysteine

As a general marker of overall health status, few tests carry greater predictive weight than Homocysteine. The amount of Homocysteine in your blood is one of the best independent indicators of how healthy you are.


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