• The NycoCard System is Axis-Shield's most widely distributed product range, particularly suited to countries with developing healthcare systems.
  • The system offers four selected point-of-care tests: CRP, HbA1c, D-Dimer and U-Albumin.
  • They can all be analysed on the same instrument - the NycoCard Reader II.
  • NycoCard was introduced to the market in the early 1990's starting with the non-instrumental NycoCard CRP card-test, followed by the NycoCard D-Dimer.
  • The Reader is a low-cost, portable point-of-care instrument designed for rapid and reliable measurements of NycoCard products.

The NycoCard U-Albumin test is a 3-minute Point of Care test for the measurement of albumin in urine.

It is an important indicator of diabetes related complications.

Test specific information

  • Measuring range: 5 - 200 mg/L
  • Assay time: 3 minutes
  • Measuring interval: 1 mg/L
  • Monoclonal antibodies to human albumin are used. No known interference from human urine components
  • Sample material: Human urine. Fresh, stored refrigerated for 14 days, or frozen
  • Kit size: 24 tests
  • NycoCard U-Albumin Control: 2 levels, positive and negative

Clinical use of NycoCard U-Albumin

  • First clinical sign of incipient diabetic nephropathy
  • Strong predictor of other diabetes-related complications
  • Strong predictor of cardiovascular disease in Type 1 diabetes
  • Risk factor in essential hypertension
  • Early marker of complications in diabetic pregnancy

See the U-Albumin Test Procedure for information on how to run a test.

NycoCard® U-Albumin

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