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The malabsorption of vitamin B12 is increasingly problematic, particularly in the elderly where it has been shown that as much as 20% of the population may be deplete.
It has been demonstrated in several important publications that measurement of total levels of this important vitamin may not detect deficiency as well as the detection of levels of the 25% or so of vitamin B12 which is biologically available (as holotranscobalamin) and measured by our patented assay.



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  • Reduced false positive and false negative results associated with Total B12 testing
  • Fewer indeterminate results
  • No interference from Intrinsic Factor antibodies
  • No pre-analytical sample denaturation - remove a source of a variability


A manual ELISA assay is available from Axis-Shield for measurement of this important new marker. The assay is also available for Abbott AxSYM and ARCHITECT systems and will soon be available for the Siemens Centaur platform. 


For more information please click here to download our brochure or visit our product website at www.active-b12.com.


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